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The action of inaction
a world of differences or
a world of perfection?

Mar – Jun 2020

Taiwan’s International Student
Design Competition 2020 —
Theme: Action
Award: Finalist

In collaboration with
Ng Jue Ying
Teri Kym Wang

My role in the project
Illustrator, Art Direction

A project on inequity
and a world rid of differences

The Ladder Quotient
We created the ladder quotient with the intention of potraying the inequalities that are reflected on opportunities presented to people of varying status. It presents itself in a 2-part publication. 

The perfect world of 'The Ladder Quotient' reimagines how life would look like if we removed the obvious differences and diversity. It presents itself as a world that seemingly looks perfect on the outside but also poses the question: "Sacrifice our diversity and individuality, is it really a problem-free life?"

The real world in ‘The Ladder Quotient’ is a reflection of inequity caused by differences in wealth, social standing and opportunities. The publication follows two very different characters of wide differences in wealth, and how their lives differ despite having a similar routines.

Game Board (Packaging)
Perfect World (Publication)
Real World (Publication)

 The project features a packaging that acts as a board game. It is created in a hybrid ‘Game of Life’ and ‘Snakes and Ladders’ style. The game directly reflects the notion of climbing a social ladder to progress in society, and anyone can go down if even one mistep is taken. 

Inside the packaging includes a 2-part publication, seperated by the ‘Real World’ and ‘Perfect World’.

This is the real world.
Publication 1

This is the perfect world.
Publication 2

The Ladder Quotient Game

(Update) This project is being reworked on with more refined illustrations and layouts to be printed in Risograph on the 14th April. Keep a look out!