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Jan – Mar 2021

Studio Project



Revamping Singapore’s Southern Islands
Secret Vistas aimed to reinvent Singapore’s southern islands by adding a touch of magic and wonder to them. This project encourages self explorations and senses of discovery within the targeted audience through its various features and art direction.

The main idea of Secret Vistas follow the ‘Hidden Places of Interests’ concept, where hidden specific spots on the island will be reworked and highlighted on. Following various signs and elements placed around the island, visitors will find their own way towards these ‘Places of Interests’ to enjoy their natural beauties, rich histories and unique energies.



Main Feature

The 5 places of interests include(from top left to bottom right)
Place of Story, Place of Oceanview, Place of Discovery,
Place of Intertidal Beauty, Place of Rest and Place of Forestview.

Each of the icons are based off various legends and stories from the islands. They represent the various beauties, places of interests around the island for people to uncover. 

The user can find and pick out specific secret vistas under the category they are interested in.

Art Direction

Key Visuals


An important aspect of the style chosen is its versatility to fit many different purposes and canvases. Be it motifs, collages or patterns, the different icons from the posters can laid out and placed in any form to create an entirely new image. The style also fits many different types of medium like stamps, wood carvings etc.

Illustration Kit

This is the illustration kit that is used throughout the project to create the various deliverables and visuals.

Expansion of Project

1 Advertising Posters

These posters will advertise the various information, main visuals and aesthetic of the island’s rework around Singapore. Call-to-action on the posters are a QR to a website and the location of the ferry.

2 Environmental Advertising Graphics

These are the environmental graphics that will be placed around Singapore. They will be placed around the environment, blending in with the urban landscape. They act as a first impression to attract viewers.

3 Environmental On-site Graphics

The on-site graphics include various signages and ornaments scattered throughout the islands. These signs act as a guide for visitors looking for the different places of interests.

Compared to the advertising graphics, the colours here are more earthy and muted. This helps the signs to blend in with the environment and not obstruct the island's natural beauty with striking colours.

4 Brochure

These are the digital open spreads for the brochure guide.

  This is a fictional project done for school.

Is it me or did it get darker?