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Jul 2020

Covid-19 Poster

Individual project

Let’s Mask it Out!
Our lives as Temasek Polytechnic students and all its quirks still continue on, even with masks on. Life can still go on as per normal, even if we are stuck in between this pandemic.

The poster shows everyone walking together in unity, and all walking towards the same goals — graduation and success — only difference is that now we are doing it with a mask on! With each character showcasing various small snippets of TP, my poster displays the diverse life that can be found in the school, but now everyone has a mask on.


This poster, alongside other student’s submission would be placed up around Temasek Polytechnic, in hopes of uplifting the spirits and energy of students during the pandemic.

Digital Artworks

The poster has also been adapted into a square format for social media post. It was also submitted for Community Care Buddy's (IAMACCB) Covid-19 Design Call.

Link to IAMACCB submission can be found here: