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Aug – Dec 2020

Brand Identity Project

In collaboration with
Chloe Tan Shi Hui
Kristy Teo Yeling
Ferne Ong Zhi Ting
Sarah Tan (Advisor and Lecturer)

Budget 2021 Brand Identity

4 students from Temasek Polytechnic were selected to create a logo and brand identity for Singapore Ministry of Finance's upcoming Budget 2021. We were tasked to create an identity that best represented the hardship, community spirit and love of Singaporeans in 2020, while conveying the overall message and idea of Budget 2021's impact on the future of Singapore.

Final Logo
Shortlisted logo design,
designed by Chloe Tan Shi Hui

Strength in unity
Care and love

Finalised Logo Design

Logo Design Process
Individual designs, collaborative decisions
Before the final logo was derived, the team had to go through multiple stages of explorations and variations.
These are some of the logos and ideas that I have proposed to the team. 

Brochure Mock-up
After the final logo was picked, four of us were tasked to do various expansions of the brand. I was to do a 4pp booklet mock-up while the others would do the brand guide, logo animation and slide template

More information can be found on the official website