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Hello! I’m Clarence, a graphic designer and illustration student currently studying in Temasek Polytechnic’s Communication Design.

Lover of bonsais and all things illustration, I have always been passionate about the arts since I was a wee child. But over the past few years, I found design to be a perfect medium for me to explore, express and expand my creativity. I find great pleasure in taking ideas from my brain-cloud and seeing them come into fruition.

Never ever satisfied with my work, I always challenge myself to produce quality and interesting works. Even though I’m still very much in the early stages of design life, I hope to gain more valuable experiences and connection as I ventures out into the design field.
When I’m not gluing my head to my laptop screen, I find joy in various mundane tasks. Tasks like playing with my dog, talking to my bonsai (in a sane way) and recently started reading again. If you see someone with 10,000 jackets, messy flying hair and the darkest circles under his eyes—chances are you’ve found me!

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